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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Caviar Nails? Still uncertain.

I tried my hands (literally) at caviar nails last night. I combined the caviar nail style as well as the ring finger accent together since I didn't want to waste my microbeads not knowing what I was doing. Also, I used Pure Ice brand as the base as I didn't want to use one of my more 'expensive' brands on a manicure I wasn't sure would last. You can buy Pure Ice at Wal-Mart and other places for around $1.97 a bottle.
To get the caviar effect, you apply your polish as usual, then apply a generous second coat and immediately pour on the microbeads. It's best to do this one nail at a time. Press the beads into your nails and brush off any that aren't held on by polish. Let dry and apply a nice even layer of top coat.
I know it sounds easy, but they don't always look perfect, at least mine didn't, and I've seen some good looking caviar nails. I should mention that you should probably do this over a bowl or something of the sort to catch the beads that WILL fall off. Don't want you spending an hour picking up tiny beads. I poured mine onto a folded piece of paper from the bowl and then right back into the container. Easy.
The result? Well, I'm still unsure. I like the look on others when done correctly and I would like to try it again. Maybe if I didn't all my nails I would like it better, but who knows. Also, the feel of the nail is a lot like glitter nail before you put on the tip coat to make them smooth. It doesn't bother me, but some may not like that. If you have done or decide to try your hand at caviar nails, I'd like to see and know what you think! For now, here's my picture from my first try last night.

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