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Monday, July 2, 2012

6/30/2012 Julep Box Mani

I received my 5th Julep box this weekend. Completely free by the way, more on that later. I really like how they add all the extra little goodies. You can totally tell they put in a little extra effort every month. This month I received Kate, Daphne and Mila. They also sent their new color America. They always send their Mavens their intro colors free! How awesome is that!?! I also added on O' Canada for only $4.99 extra. I wasn't a fan of Kate, it's a nice pale sea foam color but it just doesn't suit me. I pretty much choose this box for Mila.
I did my manicure for the forth of July with Juleps's Ellen and the new America. Here's how it turned out.

AMAZING! Only my favorite manicure ever :).
So here's how you can get your first box for only $.01.
1.) Follow this link:
2.) Take the quiz and get your style. (you can change it if you want)
3.) Enter code Color2012 at checkout and choose free shipping!
There you go. 3 easy step to a penny Julep box.
Now, how do you continue to get free boxes? It's simple. Just have your friends and family sign up through your unique link available on your accounts page and follow the same 3 steps you did when you signed up. For ever person you sign up, you get 1 credit and for every 2 credits, you get a free month! I haven't seen a company yet that gives a better referral program offer.

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