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Monday, July 30, 2012

Nail drama & Not Too Polished review

There's a wide array of nail polish drama in the world right now. Whether or not you're a Lynnderella or Sinful Colors fan, is not any of my business. Just like with the Chick-fil-a debate, you must decide for yourself where you stand and also understand the some may not agree with you but it's your opinion and your right to feel, think, and believe how you want, and to others the same.

I've never been one for drama and gossip, nor do I ever post anything religious or political. I'm also not going to take sides in a public debate. Fighting to change someones mind over Facebook or any other forum is like telling a 4 year old not to do something. They're gonna look at you like you're an idiot and do the opposite regardless of how right you may be.

That being said, just because I make nail polish, doesn't mean I'm gonna be a brat and not buy other indies. They make a living the as I and whether I trade or buy, we are all helping each other out. (Can't we all just get along?)
This is only the second indie company I've ever gotten polish from. I received 3 full sized bottles and 1 mini but today I'm concentrating on Watermelon, which I got strictly because it was pink and black.

This polish had micro black glitter, small white hexagons and large black dots in a light hot pink base that covered opaque in 2 coats.

Not only is it super cute and girly, but Not Too Polished adds a gem on the top of every polish. This one had a pink heart while the other ones had a white round crystal. It adds a little bit of creativity and straight from the heart touch to this indie that you just don't find everywhere.

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  1. love this color and going to have to get some now

  2. I kind of like it, I feel it should be a richer pink if she wants to make people think of watermelon.